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for SAHCO "Signature Works"

“A fabric can embellish things. When it covers something, it simultaneously highlights it. Fabric also succeeds in showing everyday things in a different light. It can convey their value in a different way.”Common sights are turned up to objects. Functional things are becoming decor, adornment and ornament. They are getting a new sense. Without a focus on pure functionality, the effect is mainly about expression and emotional virtue. Everyday things are able to show a charming side.

CHARMING EVERYDAY is a room installation consisting of a commode, a chair and completing floor panels. Objects in form of furniture are covered up with particular silk fabrics by using a vacuum technic. "The contours remain unchanged, the shape and objects can be clearly identified. Yet the exhibits are no longer the objects they were before, but in actual fact have become something new, something hitherto unseen."